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11/11/2014 : Vertical Run
29/1/2015: Early Detection on Heart Disease
21/3/2013 - 09/10/2014
23/8/2014 : Our Center Neurologist Dr. Li Ho Lun organized in cooperation with the AIA lecture on stroke
22/8/2014 : United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service and the Center Dr Mak flare JO health care talks
8/8/2014 : Dr.Wong John organized a lecture on coronary heart disease in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
25/6/2014 : MSD at the center provides training for employees of various vaccines
17/6/2014 :Vice Chairman of Executive Council Mr. Wong Pak Yuen visit our centre
From October onwards,our center will be added stroke rehabilitation Program.For details,please contact us.
20/8/2013:The President of the Sports Medicine Australia - Mr.Michael Kenihan visited our centre
29/5/2013 :
15/3/2013:Dr Mak Yiu Kwong attended Sports federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong Annual dinner and Best Athletes of the Year Awards
17/12/2012:SIEMENS Magnetom Aera 1.5T service have been launched
15/11/2012:Medical Assessment is recommended if the participant has one of the followings
12/11/2012:Pro-Cardio two years anniversary greetings contest
6/11/2012:Our centre launched “Pre-participation Cardiovascular Evaluation For Athletes”
24/10/2012:Senior Registered Dietitian Ms Sylvia Lam was interviewed by Marathon today
22/10/2012: Compliment letter of MTR for our centre
18/10/2012:Cardiology specialists and physical trainer held heart health seminar for MTR
17/10/2012:Symposium for the family doctors
11/10/2012: Cardiology specialist Doctor Mak Yiu Kwong Gary and Registered Dietitian Ms Sylvia Lam share their opinion of practice and the competition tips with marathon runners
11/10/2012: The students of The Department of Sports Science & Physical Education The Chinese University of Hong Kong visited our center today
5/10/2012:Our centre had create Facebook
24/9/2012:Cardiology specialist Dr. Albert Leung was invited by the China Mobile to be the seminar speaker
20/9/2012:Provide Japanese translation service
12/9/2012:Cardiology specialist Dr Mak Yiu Kwong Gary invited to be the speaker of a scientific symposium
12/9/2012:"The latest treatment for heart disease and the latest dietary recommendations of the American Heart Association" free health talk on 26 Sept
5/8/2012:Pro-Cardio's cardiologist Dr Mak Yiu Kwong Gary hosted talk about weight management for Bupa
21/7/2012:Pro-Cardio's cardiologist Dr Mak Yiu Kwong Gary hosted talk about heart health for AIA
25/6/2012 : Cardiology specialist Dr. Gary Mak elected as the new president by the Hong Kong Association and Sports Medicine and Sports Science
25/6/2012: Cardiology specialist Dr. Gary Mak attended to the London 2012 Paralympic games Press Conference
13/6/2012:Kai-Ming Chan, the Chair Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong visited our centre
5/5/2012: Cardiology specialist Dr. Leung Wai Suen Albert invited as TVB television program guest
30/4/2012:Pro-cardio provided heart screenings for London Paralympic Games Athletes
15/3/2012 : "How to reduce risk of heart disease if you have high blood sugar, high cholesterol and high blood pressure" on 29 March
15/3/2010:RTHK Interview with Dr Mak
10/01/2012:Free health talk "How to reduce risk of heart disease if you have high blood sugar, high cholesterol and high blood pressure" on this coming Thursday
5/1/2012:Pro-Cardio's cardiologists hosted talk about Marathon and heart blood vessels health
13/10/2011: Launching an online tool “What type of Diagnostic Package do I need?”
8/10/2011:Pro-Cardio's cardiologist hosted talk about heart health for Prudential
25/8/2011: International CT Image Contest
11/7/2011: Heart Booklet recently launched
21/6/2011: Visit of Prof. Achenbach
24/5/2011: Doctor's and Dietitian's health blog
2/4/2011: Voluntary screening services for HKCTA athletes
22/3/2011: Cardiac Rehabilitation Program will be launched soon
22/2/2011: Free health talk on heart and stroke this Saturday
14/1/2011: Marathon talk well-received
18/12/2010: Pro-Cardio Heart and Stroke Prevention Centre Grand Opening
1/12/2010: Pro-Cardio Heart and Stroke Prevention Centre Soft Opening
24, 25/10/2010: Pro-Cardio's cardiologists and dietitian hosted talks on heart health
23/10/2010: Cardiologists provided heart screenings for 2010 Paralympians
Free Health Talks
Pro-cardio provided heart screenings for London Paralympic Games Athletes (30/4/2012)

London 2012 Paralympic Games were held. Cardiologists Dr. Gary Mak was present to provide heart screenings for the athletes of the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association before they set off for the games. The doctors also offered their expert advice from the screening results.  

Sudden cardiac death hits the news every so often. The latest research revealed that even in young athletes, an estimated 1 out of every 200,000 died of sudden cardiac death. Cases involving those below the age of 35 are mostly related to congenital heart problems, while other cases of patients over 35 years old are largely linked to coronary heart disease.  
While sudden cardiac death in young athletes is uncommon, research have shown that the risks of sudden cardiac death in athletes could be lowered by conducting heart screening before the games. This includes the use of ECG, treadmill exercise ECG and cardiac ultrasound which help detect two-thirds of congenital heart problems in athletes.

Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association website:


So Wa Wai, the Hong Kong track and field events-bodied athletes. He has participated in the Paralympic Games, World Athletics Championships of the disabled sports competitions, and won many medals to break their own to keep the men's 100 meters world record (T36 level were 12.15 seconds and 24 seconds 75 Track and Field Championships in Japan, people with disabilities ) and 200 meters world record (T36 class). Now he’s the men's 100 meters and 200 meters of the disabled world record holder, and also by the Hong Kong media hailed as the

Yu Chui Yee , the wheelchair fencer. The age of 28 has become a Paralympic champion and world champion. She had won the 5-sided Paralympic gold medals, and 11-time world champion. The age of 20 in the Athens Paralympic Games, won four gold, and female athletes to become the first session of the Paralympic won four gold fencing.
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